Covert Harassment (Gang Stalking)

Exposing the Secret Criminal Part of Our Own Societies
(Psychological Warfare and the Enslavement of Humanity)

    I'm no expert on this, but I am a long term victim of covert harassment. . .and have been doing my best to gain an understanding of it, with the hope of helping to expose it and bring it to an end. I may not have it all down perfectly, but this is the best I can do while still being targeted. Please listen to your heart and let this statement lead you into doing some of your own research and then doing all that you can to help expose it and stop it from growing and continuing.

    The most common name for this crime is "gang stalking," which implies that the criminals are like a rough street gang. This is misleading, because it isn't that sort of thing at all. Most members of the covert harassment program are respected community members like waitresses, nurses, government employees, teachers, lawyers, construction workers, doctors...etc. Most members of the program appear to be mind control victims. Many play such a small role, in the targeting process, that they are probably not aware of being used to help destroy the lives of their fellow human beings. Some appear to be victims of technological targeting who were "rescued" into enslavement. . .sometimes in ways that leave loved ones to think they are either dead or missing. On these darker levels of it some members are obvious criminals or dark occult members who are used to execute crimes against their victims. Every level of it appears to be lead/controlled by some sort of dark occult. And the key to its success appears to be pharmaceutical and technological mind control.

    There is a desperate need for public awareness of the covert targeting and recruiting/enslavement of good decent people around the globe.

    Judging by the testimonies of victims, there appears to be different types of harassment programs that are implemented for different reasons. Some people seem to suddenly become victims due to a member's vengeance. Some appear to be targeted for the purpose of recruitment. And some are long term victims of what appears to be sadistic psychological experimentation and torture, which also includes technological targeting.
    Most of the general "gang stalking" methods seem to be basically the same for both long and short term victims. We are stalked and harassed. . .literally every aspect of our lives infiltrated by stalkers (puppets) who are lead by those who obviously hold us under surveillance and sometimes also use microwave and laser weapons on us.

A Hint of Covert Harassment Exposed in the News;

    As far as I know, the state of Michigan is the only state in the USA, which has recently acknowledged the devastating effects of covert harassment and has passed new laws to help prevent its growth and success.

    Being a victim of covert harassment is truly a holocaustal hell. I have been being heavily stalked and harassed, while being technologically tortured. I can attest to the fact that being a victim of this is a hell, which no human being should ever have to experience. The covert stalking and harassment process is so cruel and barbaric that it becomes unbelievable to those whom we try to get help from. Our loved ones are literally brainwashed against us. . .and sometimes even recruited into the program. Perhaps the most painful part is the fact that there has been no safe place for us to turn to for protection and help. We are being hurt in ways that are indescribable. Our lives are being destroyed. We are in desperate need of protection from further harm. There is a desperate need for public awareness of ALL levels of the targeting and recruiting process.

There is a desperate need for humanity to understand what is happening so that victims of enslavement can be set free and Targeted Individuals can receive the acknowledgement, support and protection that has been too painfully missing.

    When I started to realize that I was being targeted, (in 2005) it vamped up and turned into a push to convince me, and anyone whom I was close to, that I was just "mentally ill". Until I learned about the technologies they use on me I struggled to retain some level of trust in my own sanity. There are many times when I thought I may have been going crazy. The confusion and agony I've experience is truly indescribable. Those years of being surrounded by such cruelty and chaos, while not fully understanding what was happening to me, were (in some ways) the most difficult for me. And I'm sure they were no picnic for my loved ones who have also been targeted in different ways. . .heavily through brainwashings against me. I have no doubt that their pain ran as deep as mine, as we were torn from each other, although they have not been allowed to believe that the targeting is really happening.

In the shadows of the secrecy around the covert program, and it's inflictions of technological mind control, family members are being deprived of each other's Love and support. Pain and confusion fills those gaps where understanding Love needs to be growing.

Are you a Puppet? Are you in the covert program?

     If so, you are most likely a mind control victim who is being used by criminals in organized crime and psychological warfare against your fellow human beings. Your part in it, no matter how small it may seem to you, is helping to destroy people's lives. Some of you even seem to think you are fighting for Freedom while you are being used to help to destroy it. Please stop the covert war.

All members of the covert program, BOTH common citizens and government officials; I beg you, for your own wellbeing, and that of your loved ones, as well as our country and the rest of humanity, please refrain from participating in the covert program. Please OPENLY UNITE into a PEACEFUL STAND to help restore the precious Freedoms that have already been lost by too many.

Please Follow Your Own Heart Instead of the Program

The list below is just a few of the things that the puppets to do to us. Targeted Individuals sometimes have different experiences, because the targeting seems to be geared toward things that will trigger our personal issues, in order to inflict the deepest levels of emotional pain, anger, fear...etc. But most of the basic targeting methods appear to be the same for all victims.

Stalking us Everywhere We Go: Stalkers seem to be connected to a large occult/organization, that has chapters in most communities and countries, and pass us off to each other so that the harassment never ends. . .no matter where we go. I have found it shocking how many people are being recruitted into this covert program.

Invade our Privacy: Stalkers tap into our computers, phones, emails, homes, relationships, jobs...etc., and relentlessly interfere, sabotage, harass and degrade...etc.

Crowding us in Public: Puppets aim to cut us off or stand too close or bump into us or make us wait in long lines. (This part is also called mobbing.) Stalkers also follow us in vehicles. . .often pulling out ahead of us instead of behind us. They try to cut us off, blare horns at us, pull up beside us with blaring music, try to run us off the road, suddenly slow down in front of us. They sometimes use false license plates on their vehicles when obviously zooming in to cause harm or severe irritation. Otherwise they try to blend in with other traffic and just be inconspicuously rude. I had an experience with one who must have had some sort of switch to shut off his license plate light, because as I tried to read it the plate light went out and he sped off. They often turn vehicle lights off or on or high or low when approaching us. They have often done things like banging on public bathroom doors as soon as I sit on the toilet. I've experience repeated rounds of street lights being turned off and on as I enter a parking lot or street...etc. This appears to be to let us know they are there. I guess its supposed to be intimidating or scary.

Home, Business and Vehicle Intrusions: They access our homes and vehicles, in order to move our belongings around...etc. I had often returned home to find things like my picnic table moved from one side of my house to the other in the early 1990s. They play games like hiding something one day and then putting it back after we notice it missing. I have experienced them repeatedly moving the side and rear view mirror and the seat in my vehicles...etc.

"Street Theater" - Noise Campaigns: Puppets create frequent loud noises around us, which can include things like blaring music, blaring horns, banging, slamming doors, blaring sirens, yelling, revving engines, screeching tires. . .and street theater - the process of acting out an argument between two puppets, which often includes the repeating of parts of our own conversations...etc. A lot of it is crude and contains a lot of swearing and negative messaging.

Financial Ruin: The puppets instigate financial ruin. This can include brainwashing techniques to steer us in bad directions, identity theft, false rumor campaigns and the sabotaging of jobs, which can include the inconspicuous destruction of our equipment, interference with phone messages, emails and text messages...etc. It can also include microwaving us until we are too sick to work. I have experienced extreme levels of this until they had me destitute and homeless. This list could go on and on and on.

Sabotaging of Relationships: Puppets are used to help destroy our relationships with our children and family members as well as our friends and coworkers...etc.,. . .through false rumors, fabricated letters, fabricated emails and what appears to have been fabricated recorded phone messages and technological mind control intrusions...etc.

Public Slander: Puppets are used to pass false rumors in communities we move to, on the internet or in the media, in order to publicly discredit us. I have heard of them doing this to me, but have not directly seen it. A news team puppet had once laughed and told me of a news cast reporter who had said, "I was afraid of what they would think of me," which was a cutting joke about something I said in front of TV cameras, at my neighbors funeral, directly after my neighborhood had been wiped out in a flood and I'd been drugged and raped and brainwashed into thinking that the deaths of my neighbors were my fault. Someone also told me that I was on the weather station's "Storm Story" about the Alstead flood, and that they portrayed me as a "Joan of Ark." I guess they ridiculed me for a while, but I didn't subject myself to it. I never saw any of it. But it hurts that people can be so cruel. I really did blame myself for the deaths of my neighbors. The pain all of this inflicted was devastating to me. And I didn't start understanding it until I realized that I was being targeted. For a while I really thought I was going crazy.

Sabotaging Vehicles: I have experienced unusual amounts of sudden flat tires, sudden brake failures, electrical problems, batteries being drained...etc. Air is often let out of my tires. My vehicles have repeatedly developed oil leaks, due to the oil filters being unscrewed or bolts suddenly missing from the engine. They have often sprayed something on my windshield, which makes it nearly impossible to see out of when it is wet. This is a substance that is difficult to wash off. It appears that they also spray something on vehicles that speeds up rusting and leaves a yellowish film on the vehicle. It appears that they have put salt into my car doors to make them rust out. When we have older vehicles they can have a field day and just write it off as being due to the vehicle being old. The goal seems to be to either instigate an accident or destroy our vehicle in ways that appear accidental or like normal wear and tear.

Threats: Threats are delivered in cryptic ways that repeatedly mention or display death. "Happy Birthday" appears to be a covert threat. Stalkers will come close to me and yell out a message, while pretending to be talking to someone else. . .in such a way that I know the message is for me. (One obvious happened when a man pulled in next to me, stood next to my vehicle, pretending to talk to his partner and yelling, "You keep testing! You know what is going to happen if you don't STAND DOWN!" This was while I was testing to see if microwave weapon attacks were coming from vehicles (like they want us to think) or from a more remote source, like satellites. My conclusion was a FIRM knowing that I was being attacked from the sky - most likely through satellites and this angered them.

Electronic Harassment: The electronic harassment hits many levels and different arenas and could fill a book. Apparently it can happen VERY remotely or be done locally with various types of microwave or laser weapons set up near a victims home. Most of the attacks I experience seem more remote and probably are due to my habit of doing a lot of moving around.
    What appears to be the more localized attacks, performed by puppets, can range from being uncomfortable to being extremely painful and disorienting. Sometimes its heavy blasts of microwave energy and sometimes its like being shot with some sort of laser weapon, which causes an instant rush of heat and pain...sometimes only pain or a strange, intense, fast vibration type of feeling. I've experienced sudden unexplainable inflictions of what appears to be burn marks on my body.

Biological and Chemical Warfare: The most criminal types of puppets use chemicals that burn our eyes, nose and lungs or cause itching and rashes and physical illness. I have experienced chemicals put in my car, shoes, clothes, on toilet paper...etc. I've also experienced suddenly breathing in something that burns my lungs and makes me choke. In December 2010 I experienced sudden, intense pain in my lungs and choking up globbs of mucus, which had little black dots in it. . .at a time when I was not ill.

Stealing or killing of victim's pets: During times of heavy rounds of targeting I've had missing pets and a dog that died from a medically unexplainable infliction, which was probably remotely done with a laser weapon. I believe that my pets have also been targeted when they were allowed to remain with me.

Inconspicuous Murders of Loved Ones: Long term victims, like myself, can be surrounded by an unusual rounds of deaths, which FEEL unnatural although most of them appear to be of natural or accidental causes. I have experienced this. Some deaths appear to be distractions from other realizations of these crimes. Those who target us appear to have no regard for life.

Psychological Harassment and Torture: Puppets say and do countless numbers of things to confuse or scare us. Some just seem like rounds of foolish games, like the time when they said, "We are all wearing sunglasses" and then surround me with puppets who are wearing dark sunglasses and are obviously staring at me. I guess its supposed to intimidate me.
    At other times they do rounds of having the puppets slam their vehicle doors around me. I've parked in places where I am suddenly surrounded by up to a dozen people who are obviously slamming their doors shut, some of them doing to two or three times on the same vehicle. This form of harassment can include painful levels of mental abuse and almost any array of cruel or psychologically confusing scenarios.
    They also play catty games. . .like telling us what kind of harm they are going to inflict, through the puppets, just before they do it. This list could go on forever. One example of this happened in 2002 when a puppet came to me and said that his mother had just called him and said that his little brother could die. . .and two days later my little brother died in a mysterious "accident." Unfortunately I did not know I was being targeted or that this man was a puppet, at that time. But I felt that my little brother's death was no "accident" and still do.

Manipulations: Puppets manipulate situations to make us think innocent people are the ones who are following or harassing us. This makes us look crazy if we accuse them. The set ups for us to place blame on innocent people is a STRONG pattern. And I believe that there are massive set ups to make us blame the USA Government in order to pull suspicion away from those who target both citizens and USA Government officials.

Sleep Deprivation: Puppets launch noise campaigns to try to keep us from getting the rest we need. This can also be done with technologies. I have experienced some periods of this, but not nearly as much as other Targeted Individuals report. The last time I experienced this, it appeared to be done with technological intrusions into my brain, because there were no sounds keeping me awake. This was at a time when they had forced me to go see A county social worker, in exchange for a room rental for a couple months. . .which all ended up appearing to be an attempt to frame for being mentally ill.

Parasite Infestations: Puppets can infect our food/bodies, vehicles or homes with parasites. I experienced this, in my homes, in 1995 and 2006. I have occasionally felt or sense a stalker who comes to either sit or stand behind me, putting something on my head or down the back of my neck. . .and then I have head lice. I have caught this in action. In 2012 and 2013 I was hit with some sort of intestinal parasites. (A puppet even called me to let me know, WHILE I WAS drinking the frappe they did it to!) Heavy doses of raw garlic cured it.

Destruction of Homes and Businesses: Puppets inconspicuously destroy our homes and businesses. My first home was taken, in a VERY unusual way, by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, under their "Rights of Eminent Domain." My second home was destroyed in a suspicious fire. Another neighborhood was wiped in a suspicious flood. And my businesses have been so sabotaged that I've had to aim for other jobs, which were also repeatedly sabotaged or used as avenues to inflict more pain.

Dead Animals Left in Roads: I have experienced many rounds of threats during times when an unusual amount of dead animals were on the roads I frequented. On a few occasions they were left on my doorstep. A puppet had brought this to my attention in 2005. "A satanic occult kills the animals and leaves them in the road," he said. This was around the time when they started forcing me to realize that I was being targeted.

Framings for Uncommitted Crimes: Stalkers try to set us up to be framed for crimes. This appears to be to discredit us and seems to lean heavily toward the most inexcusable crime - child molestation. . .as well as theft. I have experienced periods of them literally following me around with children and obviously trying set me up to be framed for sexual abuse. I never have and never would harm a child, and this is what makes it feel so horrible. "What did you do to him?" one of them had yelled out as they were sending boys to where I was sitting or standing...etc. On three recent occasions I experienced obvious puppet attempts to send their child over to climb onto my lap in a restaurant. The poor kids!
    They even try to set us under the guise of covert "help." They have disabled my car and then tried to make me steal vehicles, while pretending it was there for me and was "help." I cannot count the amount of times that they have pushed me into destitution and then had store attendants head into the back room or bathroom, as they saw me coming in, and then wait to see if I'd steal something. They have left a purse in a bathroom to try to frame me...etc.
    There have been repeated attempts to frame me for being mentally ill through lasering my brain at strategic times or setting up targeting scenarios and then having a puppet encourage me to go seek law enforcement help. (On these occasions, when I sought help they tried to tell me I was "mentally ill.")
     There appears to have been repeated attempts to frame me for something to do with the internet. During these times, I got weird feelings each time a box would pop up on my computer, which warned of an IP address conflict - of someone else on that public internet with the same IP address.
    There even appears to have been attempts to frame me through pretending to be covertly trying to help me win the lottery. I could fill a book with the obvious attempts to frame me for theft, pedophilia, plagiarizing, murder, mental illness...etc. They have not succeeded because these things are too foreign to my nature. I am not a criminal and I have done my best to listen to my intuition, instead of falling into their traps, but its sometimes like a full time job and VERY difficult when they have microwaves aimed at my head and are effecting my memory...etc.

Inconspicuous Murder: Stalkers may try to kill us in ways that look like a suicide, accident or natural death. It appears that heavily Targeted Individuals are also being slowly killed through toxifying food and directing harmful doses of microwave energy at us, shooting at our hearts with laser weapons, trying to instigate "accidents"...etc. I have even experienced them most likely putting a bullet in a gun, which I picked up and THOUGHT was empty. I was lucky to have been the one to find it, and not my daughters or their friends.

Abduction and Recruiting: It appears that some victims are abducted after being completely isolated from loved ones. There has been repeated attempts to do this to me. A WORD OF CAUTION TO TARGETED INDIVIDUALS; Stalkers will zoom in and pretend to be covertly "helping" us out of the situation. The deceptions around this are HUGE! Deaths are even staged in order to recruit people! My instincts have shown me that we end up in the program and completely controlled if we go with them. I know several people whom this has happened to and the covert program appears to be literal human enslavement. . .and this has helped me to feel compassion for most of the puppets who were probably decent people before being targeted, rescued, enslaved and controlled by the criminals who were targeting them to begin with.
    I've been approached by a puppet who tried to convince me that it was a good thing. I've been approached by a puppet that deceitfully tried to recruit me to seek revenge on those who target us. I've been offered money to go with them. And I've been offered freedom and a whole new life. All of it has felt like criminal coercions although it often seems to use decent people in the foreground of the program.

Drugging and Raping: This can repeatedly happen to both the victim and his/her children. It seems to be a sadistic domination tactic. (I had two beautiful daughters and believe that they have both experienced this. One had bruises to prove it. And I hate to admit it, but I have been drugged and raped at least 4 times.

And the gory list goes on. . .



This is not a "theory." Its a fight for our lives. Its not a matter of if you "believe it" or not -
its a matter of if you are aware and if you can care to help restore our safety and freedom.

World I See
What kind of world can my weary eyes See
What kind of world need grow to be?
A world where kindness picks up paces
To lift broken people from wounded places.
A world where the void of greed and hate
Is filled with Love by the hands of fate,
A world where all is in a state of repair
And none are left in deep despair.

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Give us STRENGTH, find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.