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~ Covert War - Recruiting Process ~

    I've been fighting to survive while being technologically targeted and while a covert war has been raging around me. I am deeply concerned that innocent people are being harmed by all sides. There is a desperate need for realization of the recruiting process - enslavement into the program that has been taking over the USA since at least the 1970s. I have experienced aims to recruit me in several different ways. I have no doubt that this has been happening to other people. And I feel that it is in desperate need of being exposed and stopped.

I feel that if the whole public were aware of the recruiting processes, and that joining means being enslaved, most people would not participate. . .and the program would stop growing.

     I am deeply concerned that, in this covert war, victims of decietfull and forced recruiting may be seen as the enemy by the better side. Please become aware of the following recruiting techniques that are being used on us. And PLEASE help spread the word, especially to government officials.

* It appears that some citizens are being brainwashed, apparently with the help of mind control technologies. . .and then coerced into the covert program under the guise of it being a good thing. Sometimes people are targeted - pushed into financial ruin and then enticed to join for money. I have experienced these sorts of attempts to recruit me. Victims of this ARE NOT the enemy. Those who deceive them are the enemy.

* It appears that heavily targeted victims are physically and psychologically tortured and then "rescued" after forced isolation from loved ones. This "rescue" is really an abduction. I believe that some "deaths" are even staged, during abductions. I have experienced repeated attempts to rescue me directly after experiencing severe rounds of electronic and psychological torture. And I strongly felt that the "rescue" was from perpetration and not a good source, although they seem to sometimes use good people in the foreground of this operation. Apparently, once the rescue takes place we become a slave to the rescuers. Victims of this ARE NOT the enemy. Those who torture, abduct, brainwash and enslave people are the enemy.

* It appears that when we can not be deceived, coerced or tortured into the program, we are more heavily targeted and become "Targeted Individuals" who are lured into groups where we are brainwashed into blaming only the USA government and are offered opportunities to seek vengeance on "those who target us", which I believe is a sly way of recruiting us into a program that is really lead by those who target us and would use us to target other innocent people. Victims of these recruitings ARE NOT the enemy. If they were aware of the deceptions they would resist it.

* It appears that some of us are drugged and staged for photographs or framed for a crime. . .and then pushed to "escape" with them. I have experienced them telling me about bad pictures on the web around times when they were trying to "rescue" me. I never checked for pictures, but know that if there are any, they were totally fabricated. They have also told me that I have already been framed just before pushes to make me escape with them. The goal, with both of these things, seems to be to make me feel that my life is ruined and that it would be best for me to start a new one with them.

* It appears that covert attacks on isolated Targeted Individuals are being followed by a staged "rescue" that is really a recruiting into enslavement. This has often happened to me. The last time was on the night after March 11, 2015 when I was woken in the middle of the night with what seemed like a microwave attack, which caused sudden fluid accumulations in my lungs and lasering of my brain. Then this morning puppets (one with oxygen tubes in her nose) talked of hospitalization and a push for another covert "rescue". . .and I strongly felt perpetration in the background of it. These sorts of things - attacks followed by pushes for a covert "rescue" have been happening a lot since June of 2013. It was probably happening before that, but I just didn't notice, because I had gotten the message, "Your daughters will be OK if you leave" in 2006.

* On the darker side of recruitment; it appears that some join "the occult" and participate in the gang stalking part as if it is a cool game. If they were aware of what they are following, and that they are being used to destroy the lives of fellow human beings, most of them would not be recruited.

* I hear that some get recruited through prisons where they are trained and then do gang stalking as a job when they are released. This sounds like a dangerous type of reform that needs some reforming!

    The bottom line really is that. . .until huge levels of public awareness are gained, unaware victims are being hurt, and/or recruited, by those who are destroying our Freedom and our country. In the lower stages of this war, it appears that innocent people are being targeted by victims who are fighting to regain our Freedom from the infiltration. . .and the fact that this does not make sense should show you how senseless the covert war has become. Meanwhile, the REAL criminals freely continue with their rapidly growing operation, which thrives on the secrecy that ALL sides sustain for them. How much sense does that make?
     I feel scared for those, whom I know to be decent people, who have been literally tortured and brainwashed into something that they do not even realize is criminal. . .and for victims who are frantically fighting for Freedom in ways that are helping to destroy it. Its all just too horribly sad.



    If you are in a covert program, STOP - Just PLEASE STOP and help save yourself, your fellow citizens, our country and ultimately all of humanity from further destruction. Please follow your Heart instead of them.

Heart Over Mind for Humankind

Calling All Angels

They torture us until we can not take anymore,
Then aim to force us through their dark door.
How many alive are thought to be gone?
How many shoved into that lethal "home"?
They are the angels we now need
To step out and stop the bleed.

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