The Surveillance Prison
by Sharon R. Poet (Sharon Rose Poet)

    Have you ever experienced someone in a public place staring at you? Have you felt the discomfort that a few minutes of an intense stare can inflict? Have you ever sensed that stare before turning to actually see it happening?
    Can you imagine what it would feel like to be under that sort of scrutiny 24 hours a day, with criminal use of sophisticated satellite surveillance systems that are equipped with Xray vision, which can see through walls? Can you imagine not being allowed any sort of privacy? Can you imagine not ever having any solid walls around you and no moments of privacy in your own home? Can you imagine knowing and/or feeling that you are being intensely watched every minute of every day?
    Would you please take a few minutes to empathize with those of us who are experiencing this, because we desperately need the rest of humanity to realize what is happening and help bring an end to technological targeting.

    You are living in a glass house that is surrounded by people who are staring at you 24 hours a day. You do not know who they are. You can not see them clearly, but you know they are there. No matter which room you go into they are there, watching you. There are no shades to block them out. When you go to the bathroom, they watch. When you go to the bedroom, they are there. When you sleep, they watch.
    They watch you when you pick your nose, when you go to the bathroom, when you scratch your groin, when you take a shower, when you dress or undress. Your every move and gesture is watched, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. You have absolutely no privacy.
    Every fiber of your being is screaming for a freedom that is not being allowed. You feel like a caged animal who is desperate to escape, but there is no escape.
    Your neighbors are oblivious to what is happening to you. You repeatedly tried to reach out to them, but they do not believe you and some think that you are just mentally ill. They often walk by and cheerfully wave while calling out, "Have nice day," as if nothing is happening to you - as if its possible for you to have a nice day under such circumstances.

    Can you imagine living like this? I can, because this is how I've been living. And I can attest to the fact that not being allowed normal levels of privacy is a serious form of psychological torture. Even during the years when I was not aware of being held under surveillance I could sometimes sense it and the feelings were confusing and uncomfortable.
    I remember going to the ocean (a few decades ago) and looking up to the sky and praying to God in a deep heart felt way, and than suddenly having a strange feeling come over me - a feeling that someone else was watching me, from the sky. It had never even dawned on me that someone would be watching me from a satellite, so this created a bit of confusion as to why I'd have such a feeling.
    In 2011 I began to realize that I was being held under satellite surveillance as part of a much larger targeting process. Though this explained my past feelings, it opened doors to a whole new challenge - a whole new form of hell.
    I am such a private type of person, especially when I pray or write, that this has felt extremely uncomfortable to me, so uncomfortable that I have shifted into denial more times than not, until the past year. In the past year I have been forced to face and feel the full scope of being held under constant surveillance. This alone is like an indescribable hell. But there is more to it than this.

They probe, intrude, judge and stare
And I just wish they were not there.

    Can you imagine adding in a knowledge that those who watch are not decent people - that they are sadistic people, who sometimes mimic what you do and say, just to remind you that you are being watched every minute of every day.
    Some of them use laser weapons to hurt you when they disapprove of something you did or said. Some are perverts who use laser weapons to do things like tickling your groin and nose and then degrading you for picking your nose and calling you a "sinner" if you scratch your groin. Some of them are there to analyze and judge you. Some are trying to brainwash you with electromagnetic frequencies, which are shot into your brain...etc. You are being treated like a lab rat in a glass prison.
    All of this is being done remotely and is virtually unnoticeable to anyone else around you. People are not even aware of the existence of such technologies so they find it unbelievable. There is no help, no understanding and no validation from anyone you know. They all assume that you are crazy, although you aren't. This is really happening to you, but sometimes you wonder if you are crazy too, because nobody believes, nobody listens, nobody seems to even care. Everyone else just goes on their merry way while you continue to suffer.

    Can you imagine this? Can you even for a few minutes realize how horrible this would feel? This is what is happening to me. Actually, this is just a small part of what is happening to me. I live in my car and have no shades for my windows. But even if I had shades it would not make much difference with the surveillance part of the targeting, because it is reported that today's sophisticated surveillance technologies are equipped with Xray vision that can see through walls. My sense of privacy can only be returned when criminal use of these technologies is stopped and the strictest of regulations is imposed upon them.

I cry and cuss to no avail
The surveillance alone
Is a torturous jail.

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