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Symptoms of Microwave Targeting

This page includes both symptoms of microwave mind control and that of more lethal forms of microwaving, which I have either witnessed and/or experienced.

Symptoms of Microwave Mind Control; Most victims of microwave mind control appear to experience unnoticeable brainwashing and are not aware of what is happening. The most common noticeable symptoms are mental numbness and fatigue, a faint high pitched ring in ears, unusual neck tension, unusual head aches and unusual thoughts that do not match feelings.

The most dangerous long term, general effect is interference with our natural process of personal and spiritual growth - the loss of psychological freedom.

      Long term mind control victims can become disconnected from their hearts and natural instincts and can seem narcissistic. The interference with our processes of feeling, thinking and sensing is LETHAL to our psychological health. We can not grow and evolve and become all that we were meant to be while our brains are being intruded upon and manipulated.
      Long term Heavily Targeted Individuals can also have symptoms like unusual tooth decay, unusual dry scalp, ridges on finger nails, chains of unusual medical inflictions, unusual discord between family members, unusual stress, mental confusion, forgetfulness, unusual or repetitive thoughts and mood swings, periods of diminished hearing and eye sight, sudden onset of unexplainable neurological problems and sharp pains shooting into head. . .as well as symptoms that mimic mental illness. . .primarily "depression," "split personality disorder" and "paranoid schizophrenia." Parts of the targeting seem sadistic/satanic with intentions to inflict psychological suffering and chaos. In severe cases, it appears that unaware mind control victims can be completely controlled by criminals who can force them into suicide or things like lethal shootings at schools, libraries or navy yards.

      Some people seem less susceptible to being completely controlled - perhaps those of us who are more creative, independent or strong willed. People who are taking mood altering drugs, like anti-depressants, are VERY susceptible to being completely controlled and these drugs are reportedly being heavily pushed onto people who are NOT "mentally ill" and merely need to face their issues or release their emotional pain...etc.
      Our own hearts and natural instincts can override SOME of the manipulations, if we are aware and are not too heavily targeted. BUT if we are not AWARE of what is happening we can easily confuse the intrusions with our own thoughts, feelings and instincts, and this can be devastating. . .to say the least. Through awareness and a strong will, we can avoid manipulations that are alien to our own nature. But when our existing issues or feelings are triggered, or when we are also inflicted with drugs or heavy doses of emotional trauma, it is far more difficult to resist.

     The most recent developments in Mind Control Technologies, which are said to have mind reading capabilities, seem too outrageous and dangerous for most of us to even want to believe. But they do indeed exist and PLEASE believe me when I say that this crisis can only get worse until people become aware of what is happening and take HUGE peaceful steps toward bringing it to an end.

Symptoms of more Lethal Forms of Microwave Targeting;

     Symptoms of other sorts of microwave and laser weapon targeting seem to depend on how we are being targeted and for what purpose. They may slowly increase, come and go, or continue almost constantly. It appears that microwave and laser weapons can inflict almost any sort of physical illness or injury, through directing microwaves, or finer beams of radio waves, into various parts of a person's brain or body.

     Heavily Targeted Individuals experience symptoms that range from periods of; unusual or repetitive thoughts and mood swings; diminished hearing and eye sight; medically unexplainable head and body pains; diminished eye sight and hearing. . .to painful levels of electronic torture and brain damage.
     Long term experiment cases can have unusual tooth decay, ridges on finger nails, chains of unusual medical problems, brain damage, unusual discord between family members...etc.

      These are some of the most common symptoms I get, or have witnessed in others. These symptoms never happen all at once. I get sudden rounds of different things, which can mysteriously stop as quickly as they started. Many of them are medically unexplainable and suddenly happen at times when I am being threatened or otherwise obviously being tortured by those who target me. These periods of obvious torture most often inflict me with; severe pain in my head (often with a loud ringing in my ears); sudden pain and/or fluttering in my heart (this has sometimes been accompanied by the puppet messages, "I'm having a heart attack" or "You are giving me a heart attack"; sudden unexplainable pain in spine; sudden rounds of shortness of breath; sudden rounds of fluid accumulation in my lungs; sudden rounds of unusual bowel elimination; sudden rounds of deminished or increased hearing and sight...etc.
     Some symptoms. . .like mild ring in ears, ridges in finger nails, dehydration caused by microwaves, mental fatigue, short term memory loss...etc., are ongoing - almost constant.

Sudden bloating of my whole body - Hair loss (more than the norm) - Pain in head (sometimes severe and in different areas) - Altered depth perception (during severe attacks) - Sun sensitivity (during severe attacks) - - Emotional numbness - Uncharacteristic Rounds of Anger - Physical Fatigue (sometimes debilitating. I get this a LOT!) - Sudden Rounds of Nausea - Sudden onset of unusual sinus problems (without infection or cold and with dark circles under eyes) - Surveillance Symptoms: Feeling like I am being watched when there is no body there. - Dehydration: (Often severe even when consuming a lot of fluids) - Shortness of breath (sudden and unexplainable - often with the fatigue) - Dizziness (sudden rounds of it during severe attacks) - Sudden sweating (sudden heat rushes in body or head) - Body feeling feverish but temp way below normal (96 to 97) - Deep pain down right side of back of head (often forming a knot at base of skull) - Sudden bouts of unexplainable heat in head or body - Pain behind right eye and eyebrow (gets intense!) - Unusual weight gain or loss (This can be sudden and severe) - Sudden unexplainable open sores on body - Thoughts that feel unnatural - Gums swelling and teeth bleeding and hurting - Burning sensation in mouth (sometimes a metallic taste - Tingling in body (usually in nose, rectum and pubic area) - Sudden stinging sensations (as if being bit by a bee, though there is no bee) - Pain in joints and muscles (sudden rounds of) - Intestinal problems (including elimination problems from one extreme to other for no apparent reason) - Sudden spells of fluttering in my heart (racing and skipped beats for no apparent reason) - Heart beat vibrating through whole body (often with the fatigue and shortness of breath) - Heart Attack Symptoms (for no medical reason and usually accompanied by threats) - Lupus - Elevated SED rate (Severe in 2006.) - Malfunctioning of technology (Since 1970s, watches computers and vehicle electronics malfunction) - Dreams with Unusual Messages (Psychotronic weapons can project dreams into our brains) - Brain Farts: (Intrusions into our brains can cause interrupted thoughts or speech) - Nerve Irritation or Damage: (Periods of unexplainable numbness in lips, face or right arm. Muscle or nerve twitching in eyes or other parts of face...etc.) - Sudden unexplainable inflictions of paracites (Eating raw garlic helps.) - Brain injury (for no apparent reason) - Cataracts at an unusually young age - Unusual cellulite accumulations - Sudden unusual mental blocks with certain things - Joint and back problems - Sudden Unexplainable Pains in any part of body - Sudden unusual obsessions (either for or against someone or something)

Unusual rounds of anger (usually at strategic times) - Unusual onsets of cravings for sugar and unhealthy foods - V2K ( technologically projected voices to make victim appear mentally ill.) - Sexual stimulation that does not feel natural - Seizures: Sudden seizures for no medical reason. - Forced Speech: Saying things and not knowing why you said them and sometimes even sudden episodes of gibberish talk - making no sense (rare) - Personality Change: Slow or sudden altered belief systems, taste, desires, preferences, values, morals ...etc. - Sudden Onset of Unexplainable Physical Injuries. - Things like sprained ankles, joint problems and slipped discs can be remotely inflicted. - Tumorous Growths: These may or may not be cancerous. - Various types of organ failure - Autoimmune diseases - Various types of cancer - Diabetes.

Birth Defects: I have read reports that a targeted pregnant woman can have a child with a minor heart defects. One of my children was born with a minor heart defect and four breasts. I was told by a doctor that I have a problem with a valve in my heart. . .but then another doctor told me that I didn't. Its hard to determine since some doctors are part of the criminal operation. I have recently been told that two of my brothers also have minor heart defects. I fully believe that my mother was a Targeted Individual.

Stunted Growth: (Perhaps the worse symptom is one that is not immediately noticeable - the blockage of our Hearts - the blockage of our ability to think and feel in ways that come natural to us. This is a serious hindrance to our natural process of personal and spiritual growth - our process of evolving into healthy human beings.)

Depression or sudden onset of mood swings (which do not match feelings) Symptoms that Mimic Mental Illness: Victims can experience sudden mood swings and feel anxious - like they know something horrible is happening to them, but can not figure out what it is. Victims and/or their loved ones can easily assume it is a "mental illness" due to lack of awareness of all forms of microwave taargeting. And, sadly, some doctors are more than happy to prescribe medications that aid the complete success of said technologies. Hearing voices that are sneakily technologically projected are common. (These voices can also be projected to people who are near the target, in order to make them think the target is saying foul things...etc.) This latter one appears to happen to me at strategic times.

Misdiagnosis: Falsely labeling Targeted Individuals as "mentally ill" is almost the worst part of this, because it forces 'help' in ways that are NOT needed and completely prevents help in the ways that are DESPERATELY needed.

      Thus far, heavily targeted victims, who have become aware of what is happening, have not been able to obtain help or protection. We are being covertly tortured in the worst kind of prison - a prison that is filled with people who appear to be brainwashed into disbelief. Can you imagine?

We are unheard victims lost beneath their lies.
We are the tortured ones put on a list to die.
We are rising wounded begging for your aide
Becoming specks of dust in an evil charade.

This is not a "theory." Its a fight for our lives. Its not a matter of if you "believe it" or not -
its a matter of if you are aware and if you can care to help restore our safety and freedom.

World I See

What kind of world can my weary eyes See
What kind of world need grow to be?
A world where kindness picks up paces
To lift broken people from wounded places.
A world where the void of greed and hate
Is filled with Love by the hands of fate,
A world where all is in a state of repair
And none are left in deep despair.

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