~ I pledge allegiance; ~

Lately my weary mind often drifts into the past. . .remembering parts of the targeting that I had SOMEHOW completely forgotten. I also keep finding a memory; which echoes through 45 years - a memory of me as a munchkin in grade school who stood with my right hand over my little heart, facing the corner where our flag silently hung, and reciting these words. . .

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America,
and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation
under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all."

The words "Liberty" and "Justice" were not capitalized in the original pledge. I added the caps because, aside from the "God", they feel FAR more important than the other capitalized words. Without "Liberty and Justice for all" America is not a "Nation under God" and is not the America, which I pledged allegiance to in the 1960s. How bold of me to alter a sacred pledge, ha? Well. . . I'd like to even take it a few steps further - I'd like to start a new pledge;

I pledge allegiance to "Liberty and Justice for all" with the hope that America, (all of its citizens and governments) find the Heart to "Unite" into a stand that restores our Freedom from covert control. . .especially from technological mind control and ALL that aids or supports its success and continuation.

America seems like a Targeted Individual, who is crumbling in a
lethal covert silence, and is in need of protection from further harm.

P.S. It appears that we are expected to ignore the mind control parts of the targeting, and I can not do this because I believe it is the most dangerous thing humanity has ever had to face. If it is not faced and stopped how can any of the other problems, which loom beneath it, ever be resolved? If it is not faced and stopped how can any human being even hope to regain or retain Freedom? If it is not faced and stopped how will our souls retain their natural process of personal and spiritual growth?